The W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Podcast Part 3: Interview with Tania Parks, a Legacy Volunteer and Paid Advocate

This is part three of the series where we’ve spoken with volunteers and advocates at various levels. Listen in as Mary, WOMAN, Inc.’s Co-Director, has a conversation with Tania Parks, a long time WOMAN, Inc. community member. In this episode Tania reflects on her time working with survivors of domestic violence at the organization, including what brought her to the work and what keeps her here at WOMAN, Inc.

Tania Parks has been part of the WOMAN, Inc. community for over a decade. With ten years of experience in the non-profit and NGO sector, Tania has had the opportunity to participate in and spearhead various research, training, development, and advocacy roles at organizations working to end gender based violence. She is especially interested in the relationship between gender and refugee rights and in policy implementation that will enact positive change for those impacted by displacement. Tania is an adjunct professor of American Government at a community college in Northern California where she places particular focus on the intersection of race and American politics and place student equity at the core of her teaching philosophy.

Mary Martinez (she/her) comes from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the Co-Director of WOMAN, Inc., who started at the organization as a support line volunteer back in February 2008. For most of her time at the organization Mary has been involved in the 24 hour Support Line program, and has expanded her work in the general programs and operations of WOMAN, Inc. She also represents WOMAN, Inc. in the community, works one-on-one with survivors, and continues to do the work alongside the WOMAN, Inc. team of upholding their value of centering Black, Indigenous, and other people of color while also holding the organization and one another accountable in divesting from white supremacy and anti-Blackness. During her free time you can find Mary hanging out in nature and taking her little fluffy dog, Nemo, on walks and car rides.