Communication and collaboration

“The DVIRC helps us to increase communication and collaboration in the domestic violence community throughout the state. We are able to share best practices, get training resources, and have access to many resourceful documents.”

Saves time and frustration

“Usually clients needing shelter need to make multiple calls to many shelters to determine if bed space is available. With the DVIRC, we are able to give clients a list of shelters with possible space, saving them the time and frustration of calling every shelter in the area.”

DVIRC One Stop Shop

“The DVIRC is a one stop shop that provides a myriad of information…It is a relief to have immediate online access to continually updated resources.”


What makes W.O.M.A.N., Inc. so unique and special

“What makes W.O.M.A.N., Inc. so unique and special is their focus on empowerment for women…To me, this made W.O.M.A.N Inc incredibly revolutionary because it didn’t help just eliminate violence, but rather worked to restore agency, dignity and strength.”