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Mujeres Orgranizadas para Erradicar El Abuso, Inc. (W.O.M.A.N., Inc.) ha operado desde 1978 como una organización comunitaria que proporciona servicios a personas que han sido afectadas por la violencia doméstica en el Área de la Bahía de San Francisco.

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 Línea de apoyo 24 horas

Proporcionamos una línea de apoyo gratuita las 24 horas para consejería, referencias y planes sobre cómo mantenerse más seguro.
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Ofrecemos terapia individual para sobrevivientes, y familiar para los sobrevivientes con hijas/os. Se ofrece terapia en inglés y español.
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 Programa Latina

El Programa Latina ofrece manejo de casos a profundidad para sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica de habla hispana, y trabaja para apoyar sobrevivientes en un ambiente culturalmente apropiado.
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Apoye Nuestro Trabajo

Para poder proveer nuestros servicios, contamos con el trabajo fundamental de nuestras/os voluntarias/os y el apoyo financiero de la comunidad. Obtenga más información acerca de cómo ayudar a hacer un cambio positivo en la vida de sobrevivientes y los niñas/os en su comunidad.
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 Educación Comunitaria

Proveemos presentaciones a grupos, organizaciones, escuelas, y lugares de trabajo en una a variedad de temas relacionados a la violencia doméstica. Estamos comprometidos con la educación comunitaria y nos encantaría hablar con tu grupo u organización.

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¿Que Dice La Gente De W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?

Alameda County Family Justice Center
Alameda County Family Justice Center
“Usually clients needing shelter need to make multiple calls to many shelters to determine if bed space is available. With the DVIRC, we are able to give clients a list of shelters with possible space, saving them the time and frustration of calling every shelter in the area.”
Next Door Solutions
Next Door Solutions
“The DVIRC helps us to increase communication and collaboration in the domestic violence community throughout the state. We are able to share best practices, get training resources, and have access to many resourceful documents.”
"What makes W.O.M.A.N., Inc. so unique and special is their focus on empowerment for women...To me, this made W.O.M.A.N Inc incredibly revolutionary because it didn't help just eliminate violence, but rather worked to restore agency, dignity and strength."
"W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is a key partner in preventing and ending violence against women."
"W.O.M.A.N., Inc. works with the survivor to help them reach their goals in creating lives free of violence. The staff working there are incredibly dedicated to this cause and you couldn't find a more compassionate and hard-working group."
“I really appreciate this wonderful project which requires a lot of coordination around different  community stakeholders and tech part. Thanks so much for initiating it!”
"This agency is unique in the services it provides, and I wish there were more like it out in our communities."
"I truly believe San Francisco is the great city that it is directly because of the work that WOMAN Inc has done and will continue to do for us all."
"W.O.M.A.N., Inc. has served the community for 30 years. Amazing how they have helped shift the awareness of the community in their services and outreach. Keep going!"
Shalom Bayit
Shalom Bayit
"The DVIRC is a one stop shop that provides a myriad of information...It is a relief to have immediate online access to continually updated resources.”